Delivering Positive Change

From emerging disruptors trying to forge new markets to existing players looking to redefine their offerings, Equitivo consults across every aspect of your business.

As the fintech world moves at lightspeed, we too are highly flexible to meet your current and future business requirements.

Our services cover three main areas

We work across all aspects of strategy.  From market positioning and origination through to risk management and controls, we consult the management team to optimise their business.  With deep experience in capital markets, we also work with businesses to plan for their capital requirements in either equity, debt or structured finance.
We address operational issues to help businesses meet their true potential, typically through growth and global expansion.  Working with management teams, we map operational processes and make measurable improvements.
Measuring the outputs of a business is not always down to the profitability, especially in lending where risk management forms a large part of the success of a business.  We work with businesses to build a set of KPIs and measures to understand how the business is performing.