The fintech advisers

Our name is derived from the Spanish words for equity and executive.  These are the qualities of being fair and impartial, and having the power to put plans into action. These values underpin the ethos of our business.

We act as an impartial advisor to businesses whilst creating the power to execute change.  Our highly experienced management team is adept at supporting fast moving and ambitious fintech businesses at all stages of their development.  We have an unrivalled insight to help fintech businesses due to our team having been in the same position as our clients; we’ve seen their problems with our own eyes.

We also believe that business is about balance.  Businesses continually face conflicting demands on time and resources.  Our team are able to work with businesses to manage those demands and create the right balance to maximise performance.

Management Team

Andrew Holgate, CEO

Andrew is a chartered management accountant, banker and entrepreneur. He has 20 years lending experience having worked for GE Capital, Euler Hermes and RBS Group.

In 2012, he co-founded a peer to peer lender focusing on business and property lending. In six years, he grew that business to achieve £500m+ of lending, more than 75 staff and one of the very few fintech companies to achieve multimillion-pound profitability. The company is now a leading P2P lender in the UK.  He is in a unique position when it comes to advising fintech companies having lived through the same issues himself that his clients are facing.

Andrew’s values are focused on integrity, courage and hard work, and believes that these values in balance create strong leadership and the power to deliver positive change.