Introducing Equitivo

Welcome to a new type of adviser

Our CEO, Andrew Holgate, has great delight in introducing Equitivo to the fintech marketplace. Our name comes from a combination of the two Spanish words for equity and executive, namely equidad and ejecutivo, which are the two core values of impartiality and empowerment we live by.  But why do we work by those values and why are they important to fintech businesses?  What is it that Equitivo will do for fintech businesses?

Our Values

Executive – adjective – having the power to put plans into action.  

Business is about execution of plans and turning ideas into actions.  Without execution then ideas remain just that, ideas.

Andrew grew his first fintech business from nothing to become one of Europe’s largest marketplace lenders with loans totalling over £500m in just five years.  He recognised that the fintech world moves quickly with technologies emerging all the time at an ever-increasing rate.  Decisions have to be made quickly and plans put in place to stay ahead of the competition.  Being executive, putting plans into action, is crucial in such a market.

Equity – noun – the quality of being fair or impartial.

In 2012, when Andrew was formulating his first fintech business, he was very fortunate to have the support of a number of senior professionals from which to seek advice.  They were able to guide him on his initial ideas and give honest feedback on the viability of those plans.  He also promoted a culture of fairness across all stake holders.  

Business is about wealth creation for all who are concerned in that enterprise whether they are the shareholders or the most junior member of staff, everyone should benefit from that business.  The promotion of that value helped create a profitable business with a great reputation.

What we do

As a first-time entrepreneur, Andrew saw that quality advice was often out of reach of small businesses.  Accountancy firms can help but they often lack people with deep experience of running a business, and the better advice would come from larger firms but at a hefty price.  Equitivo aims to offer advice to smaller fintech businesses without the costs of a larger firm.  Our team have built or ran sizeable businesses and understand what it takes to do so.  That experience puts our team in a unique position as business advisers because we’ve been in your shoes, facing those same problems.

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